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Birresborn and her surroundings have much to offer. You can go by car, bike, motorbike and of course walking.
There is al lot to see.



For bikers it is beautiful to go around in the Eifel. Very nice routes with hairpins and lovely views. We can of course give you advise about were to go.



Our B&B is on the Kyllrad track which goes from the Belgium border until Trier. There are also other tracks to do and when you are tired you can go back by train. Birresborn has its own little station.



When you want to go hiking/walking, there is a lot to walk around Birresborn. We have several maps in our B&B, but there are also tracks with perfect signs in our beautiful forest. For instant the Betrataburg track (17 km) is one of the tracks.


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Fly fishing

In Birresborn you can go fly fishing. You need a German fishing permit to go fishing in Germany, the track in Birresborn is about 7 kilometers. In our B&B you can get a permit for the track of Birresborn for fishing in the Kyll river.








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